About the site

Mevagissey Hub is not a commercial enterprise. It’s a one-woman-show, a hobby and a mission. Kinda sorta. I do it because I enjoy it, I don’t make any money from it – far from it – I do it because I’m a geek and a Mevangelist. Mevagissey has been my home for a bunch of years. I’m not being coy, lack of exactitude means I don’t have to update so often. 🙂

I love the place and like to do all I can to promote it, and to help make it a great place to live. Running the site gives me an excuse to get out and about and take photographs and pick up the news as much as possible. It all has to be fitted in with a day job, but this being a seasonal location that’s easier in the winter. Though less “day-job” does coincide with less daylight, of course.

My background is IT, my current method of earning a crumb is retail, my name is Kim and that pretty much covers it.