Sunny Sunday Afternoon


I nearly forgot to show you what a fabulous day it was on Sunday. Sunny Sundays in Cornwall, you can’t beat ’em.

The last day in November? Really?

Amazing weather.

November in Meva

What’s Mevagissey like in November? On a quiet Sunday? Early, as the sun’s coming up? It’s like this.

Loch Meva Monster?

There was a D-ring, there was a bit of twine. I only moved them closer together…. 🙂

*joke image

A bit of metal, a scrap of string, and hey presto.

Where in Mevagissey?

Where in Mevagissey is an occasional “pop quiz” I do on Facebook and Twitter from time to time. No prizes! A “Like” or “Favourite” means you’re right. Silence or “nope” tells you you’re on the wrong track.  Look for the hashtag #whereinmeva to play.

Here’s a sample for bloggers to try:

Where in Mevagissey?

Where in Mevagissey?