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"A drinking village with a fishing problem", Anon.

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Catwalk fame

Clothing company Gabicci, in its “Vintage” line, has a duffle-coat styled jacket with toggle fastenings that is called the “Mevagissey”.

Now that’s fame.

Heligan Wild Photography

website screen captureThe wildlife team up at the Lost Gardens post some stunning photographs though the year. If you haven’t taken a look, or just haven’t looked recently, why not take the opportunity now?


Little Nippers & the Cooking Pot

soupWe’re very lucky in Mevagissey to not only have our own school, but to have Little Nippers Pre-School. The pre-school gets excellent attention in the village, and is run by a wonderful crew of dedicated staff. They come up with some wonderful ideas and activities for the children to engage in, and this week has been an especially tasty idea – vegetable soup. Yum!

Check out the Nippers’ activities and keep up-to-date with them via their Facebook page.

Rise and shine

It’s been a little erratic since, but rise and shine is exactly what the sun did this November morning.


Living by the sea it’s easy to spend all one’s timing focusing out, watching the colours of the sea and sky, but at this time of year the colours inland are pretty stunning too. So it’s worth taking a few minutes to turn one’s back on the water and take a look in those flowerbed and hedgerows.

Not everything is black and white

… but these are! Earlier this week a friend challenged me to take a number of black and white photographs. It’s a meme doing the rounds on Facebook. And if that reads as just so much gibberish to you, don’t worry, it’s not important! Three of the five pictures were of aspects of Meva, so I thought I might as well load them up here. Why not, eh?

Visit to the Duchy Nursery

I don’t often get out to explore the area around Mevagissey, work schedules being what they are. But this week I went out with a friend to visit a couple of places, grab some lunch, generally enjoy the sunshine and scenery.

We ended up at the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery, near Lostwithiel (itself a delightful location for a visit, if you’ve never been). The Nursery has a gift shop and café in addition to its plant sales, and has to qualify as having one of the best locations ever enjoyed by a garden centre. From the café you can look across the valley to Restormel Castle, and there are tables inside and out from which to enjoy the view.

The food is “bistro” style, varied and fresh. Sandwiches, soup, tea and cakes, waitress service and comfortable seats. In the summer the outside deck must take some beating for a lunch location; in winter the sofas by the fire will be in high demand.

Visiting in Autumn/Winter doesn’t mean the plant area is dull by any means. The glasshouse is home to a stunning array of ferns, succulents, cacti and – frankly – an impressive selection of “no idea what” for this non-gardener.

If you do visit, and want to bring me back a little something, I totally fell in love with the sago palm. But given my history with potted plants, you might want to retain visiting rights to keep an eye on things.